Explanation Owed

I Feel I Owe an Explanation

In February I stopped posting new artworks on Face Book because I moved the focus to making my art website into a fully operational e-commerce site. The goal was to launch on April 1. By the end of March it was obvious that the timing was not good.
The site is ready, but on hold until the economy moves again.

With the site done, shifting gears from full-on computer work, testing dozens of image files for prints and long-term planning, etc., etc., all “left brain” work took a few days to unravel before returning to “right brain” work at the easel. There was also a rather large and ominous glut in my mind and the minds of all – Covid 19. I stalled for a few days and couldn’t do much of anything.

I looked at the last two paintings I did and couldn’t help but think that while I may have had personal ideas for painting them, there appeared to be a bigger message forecasting from the ethers – death and space (social distancing).


HAPPY EVER AFTER, 16×24 Acrylic on Canvas



SPACE  20×30 Acrylic on Canvas

Last Monday, (Mar 30) I decided I had had enough of this Covid 19 darkness entering my home (not literally) and my psyche, ruining perfectly good days. So I unplugged from the news adjusting to a maximum amount of 10 minutes a day and then aimed my thoughts upon creativity. A lame looking sketch of the sofa was all that materialized.

I had to tap into a subject that would prime the pump. My mind dug down to the bare bones of my being, into the Indigenous depths and there I found the push and desire and connection. Earlier this year a new Indigenous painting was drawn and sitting unfinished, but I wasn’t up to that level of work yet. I searched for a new image that felt simple to do as a segue into the art flow.


One session to draw it, the next day tweaking and visualizing the colour interpretation from a B/W photo. I saw the angle of morning light and wanted an orange green sky to play a role, so on the third day the breakthrough came into full-on painting.
The orange sky went up, green did not appear and then a mauve impulse landed on the tipi. I said to myself, “Don’t try to be real with colour, instead open up and feel, play, allow inspiration to be the guide.” Here are the results.

two tipis and a man and a horse

BLACKFOOT TIPIS 12×16 Acrylic on Canvas

For me, these colours are day and night, light and shadow, transcendent, and timeless bringing a deep level of fulfillment when I bring them to play against one another on the canvas.

Feeling opened to the flow I turned to the earlier start, see below:


DONT’ LOOK BACK – APACHE  14 x 22 Acrylic on Canvas

It may be the opening of a new chapter, or a new series, time will tell.

*The source photos for the above paintings were taken by Edward Curtis. His 30-year passion to capture the traditions and life ways of North America’s Indigenous tribes is in my opinion, a gift to us all.

There was another unfinished painting that may have set up the palette for the Indigenous ones, but it was not in my mind when this all unfolded. It too is now finished – a view I see from home every day.


CANYON BLUES 15″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas

So that’s why I haven’t posted new works for many weeks. I’ll just keep painting in this “new time” we are in and when it’s right, the website will launch.

I wish you all wellness and positive adjustment.