Anthony Salituro – completed

Painting of Anthony Salituro

Anthony Salituro 16.5″ x 20″ oil on canvas

Completing a painting is a satisfying feeling. Some artists keep going and going – like writing a book – it’s never finished, but I don’t seem to experience that – and I’m thankful! In the closing hours while adding little touches or crisping a line, the energy for the piece falls off and a balance is experienced, when I feel that I know it’s time to lay down the brushes.

This painting will be displayed at the TRU Foundation Gala next Saturday and I hope the auction bids for the next commission raises a goodly donation for the University, then off to it’s new home with Anthony.


Anthony Salituro – underpainting

Anthony Salituro underpainting by Mairi BudreauPainting in monochrome is simpler than full colour and I’m finding that building this base to a painting is work but it really maps out the whole piece. There’s a lot going on in this painting and in monochrome, it’s all competing for your attention. Colour will push and pull and modify this so that Anthony triumphs as the subject.
The sun, and the window reflections are new painting subjects for me.
I like a challenge, so fingers crossed – forward ho!